Sonal Pancholi, Psy.D.

Dr. Pancholi is a Clinical and Forensic Neuropsychologist licensed in Virginia. She holds a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. As part of her specialization in Neuropsychology, Dr. Pancholi has a particular interest in assessment/diagnosis of attentional and learning problems. She is trained in working with culturally diverse adults, adolescents, and children. Dr. Pancholi has over fifteen years of experience in assessing and treating children, adolescents, and adults with a variety of conditions such as Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), ADHD, Learning Disorders, neurological disorders, PTSD, Mood Disorders, and Anxiety Disorders. She has especially extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of TBI including sports-related concussions.

In addition to her own practice, Dr. Pancholi was on staff at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in the Traumatic Brain Injury Service for close to ten years. Later at Fort Belvoir, she was instrumental in the development of the TBI Clinic at the new Fort Belvoir Community Hospital. She has been published in the area of TBI in numerous peer-reviewed journals and has presented at nationally. Lastly, she is frequently court-appointed as a forensic evaluator and often serves as an Expert Witness/Consultant in military and civilian courts.

Her earlier work experiences include working closely with the Broward County Court System and the Department of Children and Families in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.