Lab Tests


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Lab Tests

When your child is sick, you want to know what is wrong as soon as possible. At Virginia Pediatric Group, the board-certified pediatricians offer on-site lab tests to uncover the root cause of your child’s symptoms. The offices in Fairfax and Herndon, Virginia, offer full-service medical labs for blood work and urine testing. Quick tests for COVID-19, flu, and strep throat and urine testing are also available in every office, including Aldie and Great Falls. To learn more about the on-site lab tests, call the Virginia Pediatric Group office nearest you or book an appointment online today.

Lab Tests Q & A

Why would my child need lab tests?

Your child might need lab testing if they have unexplained symptoms, like a fever, abdominal pain, or swelling, that needs an immediate diagnosis. Your pediatrician might request lab testing in addition to a physical exam and X-rays or other diagnostic imaging tests.

Lab testing is also available for preventive care in children who have risk factors for certain diseases, such as a family history of diabetes.

The offices of Virginia Pediatric Group all have quick lab tests on-site, and the Fairfax and Herndon offices have full-service labs so your child can be tested without having to travel elsewhere.

What lab tests are available?

The on-site medical labs at Virginia Pediatric Group offer several diagnostic tests to accommodate the needs of your child.

Quick testing for COVID-19, flu, strep throat, mono, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is available and provides rapid, accurate results. Virginia Pediatric Group’s full-service labs in Herndon and Fairfax also offer blood draws to test for conditions like diabetes and anemia as well as urine testing to identify urinary tract infections and other issues.

When your child needs specialized testing, the providers can collect specimens in the office and arrange for their transportation to reference labs. If your insurance company requires the use of a designated lab, the providers can give you a list of lab locations.

What are the benefits of on-site lab tests?

The lab tests available at Virginia Pediatric Group give your child’s pediatrician the answers they need about what’s causing your child’s symptoms. Early identification of pediatric illness is important and ensures your child can get started on their treatment plan without an extended wait.

Rapid testing for flu and strep throat also provides a timely diagnosis to help prevent the spread of these contagious conditions to other members of your family.

When used for preventive screenings, the on-site lab provides your child’s doctor with vital information about their overall health. If the test reveals underlying health issues, the pediatric team can address them right away.

To find out more about the on-site lab testing services, call the Virginia Pediatric Group office nearest you or book an appointment online today.