News Updates

11/23/2020 "Thanksgiving Safety During COVID-19

9/03/2020 "Vaping Increases Risk of COVID19 Complications in Teenagers"

7/29/2020 "BACK-TO-COLLEGE TIPS Protect Yourself From COVID-19"

7/4/2020 "Stay Safe This 4th of July"

5/21/2020 "AAP urges vaccination as rates drop due to COVID-19"

4/24/2020 "NPR: How to Turn Your Home Into a School"

4/24/2020 "CDC director warns coronavirus outbreak could be worse this winter"

4/24/2020 "Pediatrician says 80% of Kids Likely to Have Coronavirus, Asymptomatic"

3/23/2020 "AAP Healthy Children"

3/23/2020 "AAP: Finding Ways To Keep Children Occupied"

3/23/2020 "How to Talk to Your Kids about COVID-19"

3/02/2020 "Flu figures show 125 child deaths, record-high hospitalizations in young children"

2/10/2020 "CDC: Pediatric flu deaths rise to 54"

1/30/2019 "CDC: 5 U.S. cases of coronavirus confirmed"

1/30/2019 "CDC: Circulating influenza B viruses can cause severe illness"

10/23/2019 "AAP Halloween Safety Tips"

5/28/2019 "Know myths, facts about Lyme disease"

8/13/2019 "Measles Outbreak 2019: What Parents Need to Know"
 - 2019 Measles cases and outbreaks
 - When should the measles vaccine be given early?

8/13/2019 "2019 Measles Outbreak"

8/05/2019 "Fairfax County Summer Reading Adventure"

6/10/2019 "VPG offers Typhoid vaccination for certain international travelers. For all international travelers 6 months and older, MMR and Hepatitis A vaccines are now recommended. Please schedule your travel health visits 1 month prior to departure."

6/10/2019 "Suspected Measles Case with Multiple Exposures in Northern VA"

5/29/2019 "Effective this year for both Fairfax County and Loudoun County, Tdap is required before entering 7th grade instead of 6th grade."

5/17/2019 "Measles cases hit new high; AAP urges vaccination"

5/17/2019 "How to Protect Your Child During a Measles Outbreak"

5/14/2019 "Sports Physicals available on Saturdays too! Please call to schedule today and be sure an annual well check has been done within the last year"

4/15/2019 "Fisher-Price recalls Rock ‘n Play amid pressure from AAP"

2/26/2019 "Gripe Water Recall"

2/7/2019 "Washington is under a state of emergency as measles cases rise"

1/28/2019 "Facts For Parents About E-Cigarettes & Vaping"

1/28/2019 "CDC flu report: 3 more children have died, virus widespread in 36 states"

1/23/2019 "Congratulations to our Washingtonian Top Doctors 2018: Dr. Libby, Dr. Baugh, and Dr. Jain!"

12/11/2018 "Children’s Ibuprofen Recall"

11/12/2018 "AAP Says Spanking Harms Children"

10/31/2018 "Halloween Safety Tips"

10/25/2018 "AAP Kids' Allergies Tips"

10/18/2018 "A small start for your sweet tooth"

9/18/2018 "AAP Updates Recommendations on Car Seats for Children"

9/07/2018 "Back to School Safety Tips"

9/06/2018 "AAP Issues Flu Vaccine Recommendations for 2018-2019"

9/4/2018 "Flu shots are still available in all offices for ages 6 months and older! VPG is dedicated to keeping our children protected this Flu season."

Please log on to the Patient Portal or call to set your appointment today and review the following information prior to your visit:
 - What You Should Know for the 2018-2019 Influenza Season
 - The Importance of Getting the Flu Vaccine Each Year

9/04/2018 "Vaccine Information Statement: Flu shot"

08/06/2018 "Meningococcal Disease: Information for Teens and College Students"

06/28/2018 "Summer Safety Tips: Stay Safe Outdoors"

04/22/2018 "Health Alerts: Pacifier holders, smoke detectors, and more recalled"

12/05/2017 "Study: Breastfeeding for at least 2 months decreases risk of SIDS"

10/23/2017 "Halloween Safety Tips"

10/04/17 "American Academy of Pediatrics"

10/04/17 "American Psychological Association"

9/07/17 "Back to School Safety Tips"

7/20/17 "Summer Safety Tips"

7/20/17 "Study: ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) injury rate relatively unchanged"

12/29/16 "New HPV9 2-dose recommendations for younger adolescents."

12/29/16 "HPV-9 Vaccine Information Statement."

10/26/16 "Happy Halloween! Tips for infants and toddlers."

10/14/16 "Best Buddies Friendship Walk October 15th!"

10/14/16 VPG providers now seeing newborns at Inova Fair Oaks Hospital! Be sure to mention us when you check in!

10/05/16 "FDA warns against homeopathic teething therapies"

7/26/16 "Travel Tips!"

7/18/16 "Good news for nail bitters and thumb suckers!"

7/04/16 ALL offices are closed for Fourth of July!

6/29/16 "Breaking Influenza Vaccine News."

5/30/16 ALL offices are closed for Memorial Day!

5/27/16 "Choosing an Insect Repellent for Your Child."

5/19/16 "Caution when using laundry detergent packets!"

5/11/16 "Meningtitis B Vaccine Recommendations for Adolescents"

4/22/16 "Children and Media - Tips for Parents"

40/08/16 "Ear Infections Among Infants Decline"

4/04/16 "Zika Virus Update"

4/04/16 "VPG proud to be a Supporting Sponsor of the "Healthy Strides Expo 2016" coming soon on 4/30/16! Free health fair event in Fairfax county."

2/04/16 "VA Department of Health Update: Zika Virus"

2/04/16 "National Cancer Institute Urges HPV Vaccination"

11/07/15 Angelika Film Center Merrifield-CryBaby Matinees: Movies for parents and their babies!

11/05/15 News from Healthy Children. Org

11/05/15 Flumist unavailable, call for availability

11/04/15 NEW Lactation Consultant now available for appointments in Fairfax office

11/04/15 NEW Nutrition Consultant now available for appointment in Fairfax office

11/04/15 Complimentary Prenatal Breastfeeding classes, call for the next scheduled date

10/30/15 Sanofi US issues voluntary recall of Auvi-Q, please contact your provider for new Epipen prescription

10/09/15 Fairfax County Health Alert (on our current website: can this be auto update-when a new alert occurs?)

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