Hospital Visits


Our physicians are on staff at Inova Children’s Hospital, Inova Fair Oaks Hospital and Reston Hospital Center where we can coordinate and supervise the hospitalization and care of our newborns. We believe that we can best serve our newborns  by overseeing their care when hospitalized and that we will be better prepared for their ongoing care once they go home. 

In the event your child is hospitalized at Inova Children’s Hospital, the hospitalist team at Inova will provide quality medical care for your child. The best available Pediatric sub-specialists will be consulted by the hospitalists as needed, and records of the hospitalization will be in your child’s medical chart for us to review. Our physicans will come to the hospital during your stay to provide support and help to coordinate your followup care once you return home. After a hospitalization or emergency care visit, it is important to set a followup appointment with your child’s primary medical doctor.