Curbside Vaccine

Keeping your child vaccinated and healthy is more important than ever before; however, we understand that with the pandemic, many families may be nervous about bringing their child into the office for the checkups and vaccines they need at this time.

Here at Virginia Pediatric Group, we are always listening to the needs and concerns of patients and their families, which is why we’re now offering curbside flu shots and immunizations, so children can easily stay up to date on vaccines (even during a pandemic).

Getting the Flu Vaccines

With coronavirus cases on the rise throughout the US, it’s important that we are doing our part to protect our families, particularly our little ones. This year we have an extra concern: we are all susceptible to both the flu and COVID-19 viruses. Plus, getting the flu can weaken your child’s immune system and leave them more susceptible to other infections, including the coronavirus.

While we hope that many families have already gotten their flu shots this fall, if you’re a bit late; don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. We are still offering curbside flu vaccines. It’s not too late to protect your child against the influenza virus this year.

Children should start getting the flu shot every year by the time they are six months old. If your child is under nine years old and has never had the flu vaccine before, they may also require two shots spread out over four weeks. Once your child has been vaccinated, it can take up to two weeks for them to be fully protected against the flu. Everyone, including children, will need to get a flu shot each year.

Keep Up with Childhood Immunizations

We also understand that children require routine immunizations throughout their childhood and it’s important to follow the vaccine schedule laid out by the CDC. Since the pandemic, we’ve seen a decrease in the number of kids keeping up with their routine childhood vaccines and appointments. Fewer children are also getting the well-child visits they need. Our goal as your pediatrician is to make sure that your child gets the preventive care they need to stay healthy.

This is why we offer telemedicine visits as well as curbside vaccinations. This means that your child can get the continued care they need from our pediatric team without having to step out of the car.

Don’t delay in getting your child vaccinated. Vaccines are the best way to keep your child protected against potentially deadly communicable diseases. Call Virginia Pediatric Group at (703) 573-2432 to schedule a telemed visit with us first, and then we can schedule your child’s curbside vaccine appointment.