COVID-19 Testing: What To Expect

Getting Tested for COVID

The pediatric team here at Virginia Pediatric Group is now offering curbside COVID-19 testing. We know that many families are concerned about this virus and its impact on the community at large. As testing becomes readily available, more and more parents are wondering, “Should my child get tested?” Understand more about this test and what it measures, as well as how to prepare your child for testing.

Who should get tested?

At the moment, it is not advised to test all children for COVID-19. If your child has symptoms of the virus or has come in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 then our pediatric team may recommend that your child get tested.

Here at our Fairfax practice, we want to minimize exposure between patients and to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible during this time. This is why we are offering curbside COVID-19 testing. This means that you and your child do not have to get out of the car. One of our pediatricians will come to your car and perform the test.

How should I prepare my child?

It’s important to talk with your child beforehand so they can understand what’s going on and what to expect. This can ease any concerns or fears they may have. If you haven’t already, explain to them the importance of gloves, protective equipment and masks. Explain to them that our medical team is still the same group of caring, friendly professionals you’re used to seeing, but they are wearing personal protective equipment to ensure that both they and their patients stay safe.

The test will be performed on your child while they remain in the car. Ask them what toys or items they would like to bring with them such as a favorite stuffed animal that will comfort them during the test. COVID-19 testing involves swabbing your child’s nose for several seconds. We will then send the test to a lab for them to analyze and diagnose.

What are the first steps I should be taking?

If you aren’t sure whether your child should be tested or not, the best thing you can do is to simply schedule a telemedicine visit with one of our pediatricians. We are happy to discuss your child’s symptoms over the phone or computer. Through this telemedicine visit, we can determine whether your child could benefit from testing. From there we can schedule their curbside testing appointment, if necessary.

If you have questions about COVID-19 testing and whether your child should get tested, contact Virginia Pediatric Group at (703) 573-2432 to learn more.