ADHD/Behavior Management

ADHD & Behavior Management 

Several of our physicians are expert in guiding the process of diagnosis, treatment, and oversight of the care of children with behavioral, emotional, educational challenges related to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as well as other commonly associated mental health concerns. Our physicians will work with our psychological and educational services team to help diagnose and treat many types of behavioral and developmental issues such as anxiety, depression, autism and other developmental delays.

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NICHQ Vanderbilt Assessment Scale Forms:

Click here for the Vanderbilt PARENT Form (print and fill out before your visit.)

Click here for the Vanderbilt TEACHER Form (for teacher to fill out before your visit.)

Click here for the Vanderbilt PARENT Follow-up Form (print and fill out before your visit.)

Click here for the Vanderbilt TEACHER Follow-up Form (for teacher to fill out before your visit.)


  • Children being evaluated for ADHD must have an initial consultation in the office
  • It is important to have both parents and the child present for the visit if possible
  • Any testing or completed ADHD rating scales (Vanderbilt) completed by parents or teachers should be sent to the office before the initial visit or before the follow-up visit. Other reports from the school that may be helpful should be conveyed before or brought to the visit.
  • If counseling is being considered, please bring a list of pediatric and adolescent therapists (psychologists and/or social worker). If testing by a psychologist has not been done, please bring a list of clinical psychologists and neuropsychologists participating with the behavioral health benefit of your health insurance company.
  • Medication histories are very important: medication, doses, dates, effect and side effects


  • Follow up after starting medication is 2 to 4 weeks. Messages can be conveyed through the advice nurse
  • Once a stable medication dose and regimen are established, it is important to understand how to get medication refills and have follow up visits.
  • In the first year on meds, patients are typically seen 4 to 6 times; those visits can be via telemedicine (Link to LiveHealthOnline through the appointment line) or in the office.
  • All patients on medication must be seen in the office at least twice/year, one of those visit may be a well checkup. For refills up to 3 months, the other visits may be by telemedicine and prescriptions may be mailed to the home.
  • Follow up visits should include an updated follow up ADHD rating scale from the parent and teacher. An Adult ADHD Self-Assessment Scale may be helpful for follow up of young adults.
  • Changes in medication usually require an office visit to assess for any side effects.


  • Appointments are made through the appointment line where patients/families will be given a link to register and create an account on LiveHealthOnline.
  • Telemedicine appointment times will be convenient for most schedules, in the late afternoon and early evening.
  • It is important that parent and child be present.
  • Most health insurance companies cover telemedicine visits with the usual patient copay.
  • ADHD patients who are on medication can get medication refills

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