News Updates

1/28/19 "Facts For Parents About E-Cigarettes & Vaping"

11/12/18 "AAP Says Spanking Harms Children"

10/31/18 "Halloween Safety Tips"

10/25/18 "AAP Kids' Allergies Tips"

10/18/2018 "A small start for your sweet tooth"

9/18/2018 "AAP Updates Recommendations on Car Seats for Children"

9/07/2018 "Back to School Safety Tips"

9/06/2018 "AAP Issues Flu Vaccine Recommendations for 2018-2019"

9/04/2018 "Vaccine Information Statement: Flu shot"

08/06/2018 "Meningococcal Disease: Information for Teens and College Students"

06/28/2018 "Summer Safety Tips: Stay Safe Outdoors"

04/22/2018 "Health Alerts: Pacifier holders, smoke detectors, and more recalled"

12/05/2017 "Study: Breastfeeding for at least 2 months decreases risk of SIDS"

10/23/2017 "Halloween Safety Tips"

10/04/17 "American Academy of Pediatrics"

10/04/17 "American Psychological Association"

9/07/17 "Back to School Safety Tips"

7/20/17 "Summer Safety Tips"

7/20/17 "Study: ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) injury rate relatively unchanged"

12/29/16 "New HPV9 2-dose recommendations for younger adolescents."

12/29/16 "HPV-9 Vaccine Information Statement."

10/26/16 "Happy Halloween! Tips for infants and toddlers."

10/14/16 "Best Buddies Friendship Walk October 15th!"

10/14/16 VPG providers now seeing newborns at Inova Fair Oaks Hospital! Be sure to mention us when you check in!

10/05/16 "FDA warns against homeopathic teething therapies"

7/26/16 "Travel Tips!"

7/18/16 "Good news for nail bitters and thumb suckers!"

7/04/16 ALL offices are closed for Fourth of July!

6/29/16 "Breaking Influenza Vaccine News."

5/30/16 ALL offices are closed for Memorial Day!

5/27/16 "Choosing an Insect Repellent for Your Child."

5/19/16 "Caution when using laundry detergent packets!"

5/11/16 "Meningtitis B Vaccine Recommendations for Adolescents"

4/22/16 "Children and Media - Tips for Parents"

40/08/16 "Ear Infections Among Infants Decline"

4/04/16 "Zika Virus Update"

4/04/16 "VPG proud to be a Supporting Sponsor of the "Healthy Strides Expo 2016" coming soon on 4/30/16! Free health fair event in Fairfax county."

2/04/16 "VA Department of Health Update: Zika Virus"

2/04/16 "National Cancer Institute Urges HPV Vaccination"

11/07/15 Angelika Film Center Merrifield-CryBaby Matinees: Movies for parents and their babies!

11/05/15 News from Healthy Children. Org

11/05/15 Flumist unavailable, call for availability

11/04/15 NEW Lactation Consultant now available for appointments in Fairfax office

11/04/15 NEW Nutrition Consultant now available for appointment in Fairfax office

11/04/15 Complimentary Prenatal Breastfeeding classes, call for the next scheduled date

10/30/15 Sanofi US issues voluntary recall of Auvi-Q, please contact your provider for new Epipen prescription

10/09/15 Fairfax County Health Alert (on our current website: can this be auto update-when a new alert occurs?)