Finding Help With Newborn Care
By Virginia Pediatric Group
February 19, 2021
Category: Child Health Care
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We provide parents with the knowledge and education they need to raise healthy, happy children. We know how overwhelming it can be, particularly for first-time parents, to welcome their new baby into their home. While it can be incredibly exciting, our Fairfax, Herndon, Great Falls, and Aldie, VA, pediatricians also want to make providing newborn care easier for everyone. That’s why you can turn to our health care providers anytime you have questions or concerns.

When should I start bringing my newborn in to see a pediatrician?

It’s important that you are keeping up with the wellness check-ups, especially since your newborn will continue to get rounds of vaccines at each visit until they reach 18 months old. These vaccines are incredibly important for helping them build antibodies to protect against potentially dangerous infections.

Along with vaccines, your Fairfax, VA, doctor will provide comprehensive care to your newborn which includes:

  • Monitoring height, weight, heart rate, and blood pressure
  • Pinpointing any emotional or behavioral changes that could be a cause for concern
  • Identifying health problems early on
  • Providing recommendations on sleep habits, diet, bathing, and more

What can our pediatricians do to help?

Having concerns about breastfeeding? Need to travel with your little one? We know that having a pediatrician that can provide you answers to your questions and individualized care is crucial. First-time moms may have issues with breastfeeding, and we can provide breastfeeding help to make the whole process easier!

We can also provide travel vaccinations, dietary recommendations, car safety advice, sleeping positions, same-day care, and more. Our pediatricians are here for your family, whether it’s a routine wellness checkup or your baby has a fever. Your first point of contact will most likely be your child’s doctor, so it’s important that you have a caring expert that you trust.

Furthermore, if there are certain behavioral, psychological, or physiological concerns that require specialists, we can provide referrals to everyone from mental health professionals to asthma specialists and cardiologists. We want to make sure that your child gets the proper care they need, and we can offer a list of referrals to provide further evaluations, testing, and treatments for your little one.

Virginia Pediatric Group provides comprehensive pediatric and newborn care to families living in Fairfax, Herndon, Great Falls, and Aldie, VA. To learn more about the services we offer, particularly to first-time parents, call our office at (703) 573-2432.