Including information on causes of symptoms, how to treat your child at home, when to worry, when to make an appointment, and when to go to the ER.



Find dosing information for common over the counter medications here.

Dosing Chart


In depth information includes symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, and research being done on the disorder.

Medical Conditions

Upper Respiratory Infection (URI)

Information regarding URI and what to do.


Parenting Coaching Classes
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Community Support

  • Family Voices Local and national links for parent support groups and legislative news. The publication list has a number of helpful brochures.
  • Family Education Network has everything you need to know about sending your child to school.
  • The Individuals with Disability in Education Act (IDEA) addresses your child's rights in school.
  • PACER Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights will fill in where the previous two sites may have left off.

Financial Resources

  • The Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is a partnership between state and federal governments to provide health insurance for children from working families with incomes too high too qualify for Medicaid but to low to afford private coverage.
  • Managed Care Links This site provides links to health care information from state agencies, Medicaid agencies, technology sites, publications, managed care plans and consumer information.
  • Health Hippo provides hundreds of links to policy and regulatory information related to health care.
  • Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is the federal agency which manages Medicare, Medicaid and Child Health Insurance programs. Click on the information clearinghouse section for a list of HCFA publications.
  • Social Security Administration on-line answers a lot of questions about benefits, who qualifies for benefits as well as local offices.
  • Family Voices Publication List "Managed Care for Children with SHCN" is a wonderful brochure explaining managed care as well as what kind of questions to ask about your insurance coverage.

Medical Information

  • National Medical Home Portal is one of the best organized sites with information on education about your child's chronic condition.
  • Rare Genetic Diseases in Children A well organized site with links on financial, educational, and medical resources for children with genetic disease.
  • RxList is an on-line pharmacy database.

Resources for Parents, Siblings, and Patients