We are able to perform various medical laboratory tests in our offices. Please see the list below for office availability. Pediatric illnesses often require immediate and accurate results to help direct appropriate treatment.


For your convenience and to better care for your child we have full-service labs in our Fairfax and Herndon offices.  These labs are approved by the federal regulatory agency CLIA.


Our Great Falls office can do rapid strep, flu, anemia, and routine urine tests.


Our South Riding office can do rapid strep, flu, RSV and routine urine tests.


We can also obtain specimens and arrange for transport of specimens to reference labs for specialized tests as well as for certain insurance plan lab arrangements. No send-out labs will be drawn after 4pm.


Most insurance companies will pay for the tests we perform in our office lab or for the handling of specimens. Several insurance companies do not participate with our federally qualified medical office laboratory or reimburse below acceptable levels for our services. Your insurance company requires you to use only their designated laboratory. We have a list of laboratory locations for your convenience. If you have questions about our lab tests or need to schedule an appointment, please call Karen Johnson, our lab director.


To contact laboratory Call (703) 573-2432 Option 5



Phone: 703-573-2432

Fax: 703-280-9350




Fairfax Office


Prosperity Plaza

3020 Hamaker Ct.

Suite 200

Fairfax, VA 22031

Phone: (703) 573-2432

Fax: (703) 280-9350


Herndon Office


Reston/Herndon Center

131 Elden St.

Suite 312

Herndon, VA 20170

Phone: (703) 573-2432

Fax: (703) 280-9350


Great Falls Office


737 Walker Road

Suite 4

Great Falls, VA 22066-2833

Phone: (703) 573-2432

Fax: (703) 280-9350


South Riding Office


25055 Riding Plaza

Suite 290

South Riding, VA 20152

Phone: (703) 573-2432

Fax: (703) 280-9350